#WeBelivMagnus is an alliance between Marc Anthony┬┤s Magnus Media and Beliv,
a leader in the healthy beverage industry, to create, develop, manufacture and distribute beverages brands worldwide.
The companies proudly join forces to create unique beverage propositions based on the richness of Latin America and the passion of Latin people.
The first two brands co-developed by the endeavor include two clean energy beverages: OCA and AZU. Both are organic, without preservatives, vegan, gluten free and low in sugar.
A plant based energy drink powered by Tapioca,
an extract of the cassava root, originally from the Amazonian rainforest, that gives you a long-lasting boost without the crash and burn.
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A clean sparkling energy drink inspired by the Iguazu falls of Misiones Argentina, which is also the epicenter of the yerba mate.
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